Saturday, 28 July 2012

Okay, so really...

Here I am, first blog post done with, several months ago...le sigh...what to say....

I will blog about my dreams, because my dreams are important to me, like my last blog post, I don't even really remember that dream.  But reading the blog post reminds me, kindof, about the dream, and how I was feeling at that time and brings me back, like a time machine

How I am still trying to figure things out.  How, no matter how much things change, they still stay the same.  I've just started watching MadMen, and the things I love about Don Draper, are somehow, the things I despise.  As an outsider, so much to know, so much mystique.  But as someone who knows him (like his wife), or should know him, doesn't really know him.  Because he won't allow it.  It will somehow expose him, far too dangerous to ever really let anyone know him.  It's all about the fantasy, his fantasy.  Or mine.


I will also write about me, what I think and so on and so forth.  I remember having a lot of diaries, and little memory books, but I couldn't trust anyone to not look when I feel so vulnerable, so I would tear them up, and burn them, and shred them, and make them dissapear.  I'm super protective of my current feelings, but not so much of my 'past' here they are.

I'm looking forward to strengthining my writing skills, if I have any (:)) and being a little more free.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

under a microscope

So I dreamt that I was looking through a microscope, I was learning how to use it, and at first I couldn't see anything but then I realized that was because there was nothing there.  So I found these small styrofoam balls and put one of them in the microscope.  Looking through the microscope in my dream I didn't see anything except what you would expect squished styrofoam to look like, but I was having a hard time seeing what was going on through the microscope because it would happen so fast I was missing a lot of it, I also had to share looking through it with someone else.  Then I was experimenting with the styrofoam ball, I added a little bit of water to it, and then it started to disintegrate and disappear. That's pretty much the end of what happened in the dream.  I remember feeling very excited and happy that I got to see what happened because it was a really big deal how the styrofoam balls dissapeared in the water.

So here is what one site says about microscopes in dreams:

From the curious dreamer dictoinary:

  • Examining the matter represented by the object being observed (such as to clarify the facts, or one's own thoughts, opinions, or feelings about the matter)
  • Observing or studying
  • A perceived breach of privacy or attempt to intrude into a private or secret matter
  • A desire to understand or gain knowledge
  • The idea of bringing something or someone who seems remote closer
I think I'll need to think on this one myself a bit before I come to any conclusions about it's meaning, my head is feeling a bit foggy this morning.